Soccer DNA

Union FC strives to bring people together through Sport providing the opportunity for all Canadians within Our communities to play soccer. Starting from a grass roots and recreational level developing towards academy and competitive level soccer, providing a pathway for talented and elite Canadian players to obtain college scholarships and a potential career in professional sport.

DFC Academy is committed to being the best soccer development system in the Greater Toronto Area. We train and develop our players to compete on professional levels such as MLS and European leagues.

We strive to develop technically competent and tactically advanced players who can compete at the high standards set by DFC Academy.

By developing physically, mentally, and emotionally stable athletes we plan to create well rounded individuals who will become some of Canada’s top future athletes.

Our Club Vision is centred around what we refer to as the “Be Better” program.

  1. Be a Better Citizen
  2. Be a Better Student
  3. Be a Better Athlete

Recreational Programs:

  • Develop skill sets, have fun, and support financially accessible soccer.

Partner with Bradford’s special needs communities.

Expansion of Development and Competitive Programs:

  • Develop formal scholarship pathway for our members and enter showcasing events.

Expansion of training programs:

  • Engage Fitness instructor as part of player training
  • Partner with community nutritionist for soccer related nutrition information
  • Partner with community physiotherapist for program related information on stretching, injury prevention and recovery techniques.

Community involvement for players and the Club – charity functions and volunteer engagements.

Development of Support resources: Training, Compensation and retention.

  • Coaches, 1-3 yr. development plan
  • Referees, 1-3 yr. development plan
  • Mentoring Programs: Older players being mentored by BSC coaches.

Transparency and Accountability:

  • Financial Stability through prudent financial management and fundraising initiatives

The Staff and Board of BSC are committed to creating an inclusive, accessible, safe, and respectful learning environment. We believe that the following guiding principles are essential in creating a strong club.

 We believe in…

  1. Long Term Player Development: Player first and offering age appropriate opportunities
  2. Excellence: High Quality
  3. Teamwork: The work and achievement of a number of people who individually contribute to the whole.
  4. Fun/Love of the Game:  Enjoyable
  5. Community Engagement – Giving back
  6. Leadership: The ability to lead others
  7. Inclusivity: Quality of being inclusive
  8. Accessibility: Able to be reached
  9. Respect: admiring someone who is valuable
  10. High Performance: exposes players and coaches to the highest standards of excellence set by Ontario Soccer.