The Union FC™ Recreational Club Soccer Program offers players the opportunity to play inter-club soccer in a fun environment, open to players aged 3 to 17.

The emphasis for this program is the fun and enjoyment of players taking part, whilst further developing the core FUNdamental skills of soccer in a small sided game environment for greater engagement, using the methodology and philosophy applied in our Academy Programs.

Our Grassroots & Outdoor Soccer Season Kicks off May 30th and runs for up to 12 weeks ending in August 2022. Spaces are limited for this program and we encourage people sign up early!

2022 Summer Schedule *Tentative

Age Group (Birth Year)Day & TimeMaximum FormatFirst SessionLast SessionEarly Bird Fee *Until April 30thRegular Fee
U3 Coed (2019)Monday; 5:45pmN/AMay 30thAugust 15th$115$130
U4 Boys (2018)Monday; 5:45pmN/AMay 30thAugust 15th$115$130
U4 Girls (2018)Monday; 5:45pmN/AMay 30thAugust 15th$115$130
U5 Boys (2017)Tuesday; 5:45pm3v3May 31stAugust 16th$115$130
U5 Girls (2017)Tuesday; 5:45pm3v3May 31stAugust 16th$115$130
U6 Boys (2016)Wednesday; 5:45pm3v3June 1stAugust 17th$115$130
U6 Girls (2016)Wednesday; 5:45pm3v3June 1stAugust 17th$115$130
U7 Boys (2015)Monday; 7:00pm4v4May 30thAugust 15th$130$150
U7 Girls (2015)Monday; 7:00pm4v4May 30thAugust 15th$130$150
U8 Boys (2014)Tuesday; 7:00pm4v4May 31stAugust 16th$130$150
U8 Girls (2014)Tuesday; 7:00pm4v4May 31stAugust 16th$130$150
U9 Boys (2013)Wednesday; 7:00pm5v5June 1stAugust 17th$130$150
U9 Girls (2013)Wednesday; 7:00pm5v5June 1stAugust 17th$130$150
U10 Boys (2012)Thursday; 5:45pm5v5June 2ndAugust 18th$130$150
U10 Girls (2012)Thursday; 7:00pm5v5June 2ndAugust 18th$130$150
U11-U12 Boys (2011-2010)Thursday; 5:45pm7v7June 2ndAugust 18th$130$150
U11-U12 Girls (2011-2010)Thursday; 7:00pm7v7June 2ndAugust 18th$130$150
U13-U14 Boys (2009-2008)Thursday; 5:45pm7v7 to 11v11June 2ndAugust 18th$130$150
U13-U14 Girls (2009-2008)Thursday; 7:00pm7v7 to 11v11June 2ndAugust 18th$130$150
U15-U16 Boys (2007-2006)Thursday; 5:45pm7v7 to 11v11June 2ndAugust 18th$130$150
U15-U16 Girls (2007-2006)Thursday; 7:00pm7v7 to 11v11June 2ndAugust 18th$130$150

*Schedule subject to change as registration volume may result in necessary modifications. Any changes will be made in the best interest of the program.

Union FC™ Club Soccer Programs are designed to offer players the opportunity to play soccer in a fun and relaxed environment, playing the game whilst still learning the fundamental soccer skills and philosophy applied to our Academy Soccer programs.

Starting from Grassroots, moving into Recreational [Junior and Youth] soccer, we want everyone in our community to have access to affordable soccer programs with the opportunity enjoy, develop and play the game.

Our Club Soccer Programs give players the opportunity to develop and move into our Academy Soccer programs with the aim of playing competitively at the highest level possible.

As a community based Club, we want every player be be proud of being a member and share in our successes both on and off the field.