After a very difficult year off the field, we’re finally drawing to the end of 2020. With the Holliday season now upon us, what better time to deliver some fantastic news to kick off the festivities.

Union FC™ is absolutely thrilled to announce that our very own Number Six (#6), Jordan Pelham, will be moving on to greater things, having signed for TFC Academy.

Jordans former Coach Steve Maio, whilst sad to see Jordan leave, is immensely proud that he’s moved on to a new challenge.

Speaking Steve about Jordan, he said, “When he first joined the club, we used to get the boys to play different types of 1-v-1 games. At first, all of the players wanted to play against him because he was new and not as strong as they were. After a year had passed, no one wanted to play him. He has a gift and a vision, but more importantly he has a quiet tenacity and a passion. Jordan always wants to play.

He played midfield for us and was the key link going forward and defending. We are so proud that his skill and attitude have been recognized by TFC. His teammates and coaches will miss him very much, but are happy he is meeting a new challenge.

The void he has left has created a new challenge for others to step up to and knowing he has succeeded, has also motivated them to play hard, learn and enjoy the game.
One thing about Jordan is that he enjoys the game – playing and watching – and that enthusiasm is contagious and very easy to coach. We wish him well, he is a great player and a wonderful teammate.”

Similar sentiments have been echoed by many when taking about Jordan, as Club Director Mason Balugas recalls, “Jordan thrived in any situation you put him in and is dedicated to becoming a great player, but never loses sight of being an even better team mate. TFC are lucky to have him, we well miss him and wish him all the best.”

Jordans Dad, Greg, spoke very fondly of his time with the Club, praising the coaching staff for their approach. “I would like to say a thank you for the coaching he received from beginning to end. I was impressed from the start, by the commitment to playing a possession and skill based game of soccer. Jordan was shown the importance of control skill and possession as a football methodology, with a focus on passing and freedom to make decisions without worrying about mistakes. It was clear to me the coaches maintained the bigger picture of the player’s soccer development.

The approach and experiences Jordan was provided with are absolutely responsible for his success at making the TFC Academy U11 team. Our family will miss the Club, but are also enjoying the new challenges ahead. The effort and commitment are only getting bigger but the habits and enjoyment from the beginning has been so much fun”

We asked Greg if Jordan could share his favourite memory from his time with the Club, of course, he couldn’t narrow it down to just one.

“He was super excited and nervous about making the under 8 team his first year because he was still 6 years old. He just wanted to be part of a team and try his best every week. He made really amazing friends and very much enjoyed playing in the Academy and GTISL indoor leagues, games are so much fun! He also mentioned about representing the Club on a trip to Germany in March 2020, spending time at professional Club, Karlsrhue, he said he will never forget that experience”

Everyone at Union FC™ is wishing Jordan all the very best and future success. We look forward to sharing further updates in the future.

For Us All.