Union FC™ will be hosting tryouts throughout September for all current registered players of the Club.

Tryouts will be held on September 12th, 13th, 19th, 20th, 26th & 27th with 3 tryout sessions per age group, one 60 minute session per week. Full schedule is detailed below.

All players must register prior to attending and our Covid-19 safety protocols will be in operation at these sessions, including contact tracing.

Tryouts will be held at Henderson Field, Bradford.

Tryout FAQ’s

Tryouts are included as part of the Programs for all age groups, allowing our technical staff to evaluate players to ensure they’re placed at the right level for their development.

Tryouts will always be held for our competitive teams, but have been scheduled across all programs this coming fall due to the numbers that we will have at certain age groups.

We’ve compiled a list of the most common Questions relating to Tryouts below.

Q. Why are we having Tryouts? Can you clarify what tryouts are for? Are tryouts to gauge the level/ability of players to see if they will play on the A or B team etc..?

With the merging of two Clubs to form Union FC™ we will of course be bringing together lots of players from both sides as well as coaches and Technical Staff. The Tryout sessions are specifically for our Technical Staff to evaluate and familiarize themselves with players.

For some age groups there will be very little change as there will still only be one team for the age group after we’ve merged. For age groups where both clubs had previous programs, there maybe be two, or more teams to accommodate the numbers of players. 

In this situation, players will be evaluated so that they can be placed at the suitable level for their development.

This is on whole, designed to ensure that highly developed players are challenged accordingly, and lesser developed players are not over challenged to a point where it affects their confidence and potentially hinders development. All players develop at different rates and its important that it remains fun and engaging so that players don’t stop playing and fall out of love with the sport 

Q. Are players from BSC & DFC going to be merged and mixed together?

For certain age groups players from both clubs will be grouped together. This is will based on their current ability and developmental requirements.

Q. What happens if they cannot attend all 3 tryout dates, Will this have a negative effect on their evaluation?

If players cannot attend all three sessions, don’t worry, the three session model allows for this instance. Our tryouts are not designed to cut players from the Club, simply to attain what level they are currently at so that we know where to place them that best suits their soccer developmental needs.

However, for our older Competitive teams [U16, U17, U18], at this stage in a players development they should be fully committed to their soccer programs. As we start to push them harder to increase the potential chances of obtaining a scholarship and/or a potential move to professional clubs, Union FC™ expects these players to demonstrate their commitment and attend all training/tryouts sessions.

Q. Are there going to be external tryouts?

A. Currently, due to Covid-19 and the restrictions in place, we cannot hold Open Tryouts Until September 19th. For our first Tryout weekend it will specifically be for players currently registered with Union FC™. From September 19th, as in accordance with Ontario Soccers Return to Play Protocols, we’ll be able to invite players from outside the Club to take part in tryouts.

Q. Is the plan to keep having challenging and competitive teams?

Yes. This is one of our main goals a a Club. Union FC™ wants our competitive teams to be, competitive, with players from across the region wanting to come and play for the Club.  We want our teams to be challenging for Championships and Winning Tournaments as players develop towards their post Club careers with Collegiate or professional level soccer. Hopefully achieving scholarships in the process. 

We’d love to add a second star to our Crest by winning another National Championship.