Methodology and Approach

Union FC has a clear methodology and approach to our coaching. Following the Tactical Periodization model, we want to develop high skilled and technical teams that have a great understanding of the game. This also forms a huge part of our on field identity.

We want all of our teams to be recognizable by the way that they play, with an attractive brand of soccer, regardless of the uniform they’re wearing.

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Our passion for soccer is fuelled by the desire to encourage as many people to play the game, whilst in the process developing Elite Canadian players and providing opportunities for them move into professional soccer. Union FC was created with very clear goals in mind.

  • Continue to be the sporting heartbeat of our Community.
  • Create a sustainable and financially stable Club with long term plans.
  • Protect & Celebrate the Legacy of past success. Inspiring new generations of players.
  • Create an all-inclusive environment that encourages as many people to play soccer as possible.
  • Identify and nurture highly talented players, providing a pathway that drives development.
  • Encourage strong team bonds from early ages to build competitive teams.
  • Develop the Clubs Philosophy and Methodology towards soccer, adapting as required.
  • Developing quality coaches that suit the Clubs vision and coaching style.
  • Become the Marquee Club and Soccer Hub, north of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).
  • Retain players developed by the Club and provide pathways for their future success.

Core Values

We believe in…

  1. Long Term Player Development: Player first and offering age appropriate opportunities
  2. Excellence: High Quality
  3. Teamwork: The work and achievement of a number of people who individually contribute to the whole.
  4. Fun/Love of the Game: Enjoyable
  5. Community Engagement – Giving back
  6. Leadership: The ability to lead others
  7. Inclusivity: Quality of being inclusive
  8. Accessibility: Able to be reached
  9. Respect: admiring someone who is valuable
  10. High Performance: exposes players and coaches to the highest standards of excellence set by Ontario Soccer.